18th Century Love
Some Things I Would Do If I Was A Time Traveler

1.) Wait outside of the Second Continental Congress on June 11, 1776 for the meeting to be dismissed then treat the newly appointed Declaration Committee to dinner.

2.) Witness the first untethered manned flight of a Montgolfier hot air balloon on November 21, 1783, in Paris.

3.) Explore the Great Exhibition of 1851 at the Crystal Palace in London.

4.) Witness the launch of the Great White Fleet on December 16, 1907.

5.) Attend the Venice Carnival of 1745 and try to find a 20-yr old Giacomo Casanova in the crowd.

6.)  Go to the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland on March 31, 1912 and witness the finishing touches on the RMS Titanic.

7.) Go to Domrémy village in Domrémy-la-Pucelle, France in 1424 and give a big hug to a 12-yr old Saint Joan of Arc.

8.) Go to Verrocchio’s workshop in Florence, in the year 1472, and buy lunch for a 20-yr old Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

9.) Visit the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA in the year 1762 and watch a chess match between Dr. William Small and a 19-yr old Thomas Jefferson.

10.) Visit Nazareth, Judaea in the year 7 AD and leave a big basket of gifts by the front door of a carpenter’s house for a 13-yr old Jesus and his family.

11.) Be in Pittsburgh at 11am, April 30 1803, and give Meriwether Lewis a “good luck” kiss on the cheek and tell him to give Clark a friendly hug for me when he gets to Camp Dubois.

12.) Visit England in 1793 and watch Chevalier D’eon in a fencing match, leave some money for him and thank him for his wanting to fight in the American Revolution.

13.) Attend a first showing of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in 1603.

14.) Sneak backstage of the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964 and watch The Beatles perform live for America for the first time.

15.) Buy a copy of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine on June 20, 1890, and read The Picture of Dorian Gray as it was written and published for the first time.

16.) Attend the first showing of The Importance of Being Earnest at the St. James’s Theatre, in London, on St. Valentine’s Day 1895.

17.) Attend a showing at the Melbourne Opera House in Australia on February 26th 1910, to watch a perfect performance of Houdini’s milk can escape.

18.) Take a tour of Versailles, or areas in which I am allowed, in the year 1780 and leave a kind letter for Queen Marie Antoinette.

19.) Visit Germany in the year 1812 and obtain a first edition Children’s and Household Tales and get it signed by the Brothers Grimm.

20.) Visit Disneyland during its Grand Opening on July 18, 1955.

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